Empowering Communities, Healing Together: Peer Support at Your Organization

Our FREE peer services can be integrated and tailored to your organization based on the community needs.

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Empowering Communities: Unleashing the Healing Power of Peer Support

Peer Support has a place at your organization. This is mental wellness for your community outside a clinical setting. Together, we can harness the healing power of Peer Support exactly where it is most needed.

Our Peers come to your communities ready to engage, while we manage employment, scheduling, and other logistics. We make it easy to have Peers in Your Community.

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Benefits of Harbor in your Community

Unlock the Benefits of Harbor in Your Community: Thrive, Connect, and Flourish Together.

Access to a network of support

Strength in Numbers, Embrace Supportive Connections.

Improved Emotional Well Being

Nurture Your Emotions, Flourish with Inner Balance.

A sense belonging

Together We Belong, Building a Community of Acceptance.

"Thanks to the Connection Center's peer support, I gained the confidence to overcome my obstacles and felt a renewed sense of connection within the community. It's amazing what a difference peer support can make, and I highly recommend reaching out to the Connection Center for anyone in need."

Sarah Thompson

"The peer support offered by the Connection Center has been a lifeline for my mental health. After experiencing a difficult time in my life, I felt overwhelmed and alone. But connecting with fellow peers who had gone through similar struggles made a world of difference."

Lisa Roberts

"When I reached out for help, I was battling depression and feeling isolated. Connecting Center peer specialists offered a listening ear, compassion, and shared their own journey of overcoming depression. Through their guidance, I discovered new coping mechanisms, self-care practices, and local resources that have made a tremendous impact on my mental health."

Mark Ramirez

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